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Comp Rep Consulting, is a Cochin (Kerala,India) based Company Representation Firm.

We are dedicated to assisting local and international clients in the field of Business Expansion/Development.


Our areas of action lie from India and the rest of the Asia Pacific to the French speaking Nations or states in Canada, Europe and Africa...


We are well versed, in both, the English and French language, culture, business practices and environment, and also have the capacity to carry out all communication required in the official languages of India.


We, at Comp Rep Consulting endeavour to Light Your Path in your business expansion / development, resulting in increasing profits for your enterprise.


Below are our 4 main areas of action:


  1. Business Research
  2. Sales Representation
  3. Marketing Services
  4. Customer/Supplier Relationship Management Click here for more details.






•We listen attentively to our clients goals/requests/issues/concerns.

•We identify the root cause of the necessity.

•Once identified, we then undergo an in depth analysis of the same.

•This enables us to enlist all the factors that need to be accounted for.

•Then begins an in depth study of all the factors.

•This drives us toward our direction.

•We then research all possible solutions in this direction, which are then analysed in detail.

•This leads us towards the Best Fit and Only Solution or Package of Solutions.

•These solutions are then implemented under full supervision and guidance.


And our commitment doesn’t stop here


In fact, this is when our After Sales Service clicks into action.

We thoroughly check whether the solution implemented is bringing out the desired result and plan the next step accordingly:


•Solution(s) is working perfectly and therefore only needs to be monitored.

•Solution(s) is not working perfectly and therefore some changes need to be made.

•Solution is not bringing the desired result(s) and therefore a new solution needs to be found.




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